Special Needs Dentistry

At Seaside Children’s Dentistry, our team is dedicated to caring for children of all ages with a variety of health needs and special circumstances. While all children require careful attention when it comes to their dental care, we find that children with special needs are particularly vulnerable to dental ailments such as gum disease, tooth decay, or oral trauma; because of this, they require special care when undergoing dental cleanings or treatments from professionals that are equipped to accommodate physical, mental, or sensory requirements.

At our practice, you will find a team that is not only competent in understanding your child’s special needs, but understanding your child as well. We make every effort to connect with children and bring them comfort in the dental office by understanding their likes, dislikes, fears, and interests. In doing so, our practice aims to establish a relationship with each child and to foster a positive relationship with dentistry. To learn more or schedule your appointment, call our office in St. Augustine, FL today!

Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist for Children with Special Needs?

Choosing a pediatric dental office for your child with special needs ensures that they will be met with the proper attention and care needed to make the experience positive and fulfilling rather than scary and challenging. This not only makes for a more efficient appointment but also an enjoyable one! It’s essential that your child build positive connections with dentistry from a young age, allowing the experience they have here to lead them in the right direction. To make your child more comfortable, we can offer many supportive options, including the following:

  • Dental sedation to keep them relaxed.
  • Parents can accompany their child to the treatment room.
  • Compassionate and accommodating team members.

Preparing for the Dental Visit

Making sure that both you and your child are prepared for the trip to the dentist is essential to ensure the appointment progresses smoothly. Whether this is your child’s first visit or their next visit, informing them about the dentist’s office and telling them what to expect can prevent fear or apprehension later on. Below, we have listed a few suggestions that can help you to prepare for this appointment and perhaps make the visit more positive for your child.

  • Make note of anything you’d like us to be aware of beforehand. We can discuss this once you arrive at the office.
  • Stay positive and show your child there is nothing to fear! When you tell them about the appointment and once you arrive at the office, keep smiling and tell them all the great benefits of a healthy smile.
  • Read your child a fun story about visiting the dentist, or play a game of “going to the dentist”. This can make them more comfortable knowing what to expect and make the actual dentist visit feel fun!
  • Bring a small stuffed animal or blanket to the appointment to keep your child more comfortable.
  • Share with us any past experiences your child has had with dental cleaning at home or another office. Understanding how your child feels about certain aspects of the appointment may help us to better prepare them and make the visit fun instead of frightening.

Your Child’s Comfort Is Our Goal

At our office, we are dedicated to keeping your child comfortable. We believe that making the dental visit a positive experience for all children helps them to have healthy smiles for life. Your child with special needs will be able to feel comfortable in our office, surrounded by caring team members in a fun environment! No need to keep “wading” around; call our office today to schedule their appointment! We hope to “sea” you soon!

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